Hindustan Unilever Offers a Free Sample of Cif Domestic Cleaner

August 31, 2011 Free

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Hindustan Unilever is giving away a free sample of Cif household cleaner.
Cif domestic cleaner is a new brand product of Hindustan Unilever which is used for cleaning various household products. You can get free sample of Cif Cleaner through a SMS. You just need to SMS CIF and send it to 575758 which costs Rs. 3 only. After sending request for free sample, you will receive a call from them for the information about your personal details such as name, age, profession, contact number and address etc. You can get your free sample of Cif household cleaner within 7 to 10 days.
So for free sample of Cif cleaner just SMS:
CIF and send it to 575758

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